• Do you work long hours?
  • Are you dissatisfied with your job?
  • Have you been changing your jobs too often?
  • Is your current job no different than the previous one?
  • Do you sense you are going nowhere with your career?

We feel you my friend. These are tell-tale signs that something is definitely amiss in your life and it is probably time you tried out something on your own. But don’t worry, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!

There are plenty of people with bright ideas that are looking for guidance in the world of start-ups. Our experiential program is designed to cover the “Complete Journey of Entrepreneurship”, a step by step guide that involves you from idea generation -> creating a product / service -> Go To Market strategy -> pitching to an investor.

Through the process of self-discovery and with sufficient guidance from our mentors/entrepreneurs with over 30 years of industrial experience, you will SUCCEED!!!

And Yes. We are sure you will fit right in.

02What We Do?

In order to help you achieve the perfect results, our designers are committed to creating the best design and project strategy.

01Complete Journey of Entrepreneurship

We take you through all the aspects required to succeed in the journey of entrepreneurship by covering the following topics

Awareness of one’s environmentNeed identificationOpportunity recognition
Idea generationCreating a product/serviceCustomer testing and feedback
Competition analysisCosts and pricingMarketing and advertising
Conducting feasibility studiesDeveloping business modelsArt of pitching to investors

02Life Skills / Co-Academic Skills

And that’s not it. You will develop this list of formidable skill sets that are required for this journey.

Critical thinkingLateral ThinkingCreativity
TroubleshootingLeadership/Taking ChargeDelegation
Multi-TaskingPrioritizing work loadTeam Building
Effective CommunicationThe Art of convincing 


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Course Details

  • 32-hour program
  • Two sessions (weekends) per week
  • 2 hours per session
  • Rs 12,000 for the course
  • Classes can be conducted in a suitable location with access to metro and buses nearby
  • Online Classes are available. Kindly enroll and avail a free webinar session "Intro to Entrepreneurship" with Dr Manoj Nakra

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