Team Startup Group brings over 100 years of global industry experience across a variety of industries and sectors, including banking, retail, outsourcing, manufacturing, information technology, and advertising and marketing, to our curriculum and classrooms. Our team has over 30 years of experience in building, and growing start-ups across the world, and incorporates this experience into our bespoke programs.

Startup Group’s uniqueness lies in our ability to develop an entire ecosystem embracing entrepreneurship and not just introduce another curriculum. By the end of the program;

  • Participants will be equipped to see their world differently, especially with a view to identifying needs or gaps, be they social or business-linked, and proactively find solutions in any field, be it social, their own business, or the organisation they currently work for.
  • Participants would have developed a range of soft skills pivotal to any business.
  • Aspirants considering to take their business proposal further will go through a period of incubation with the Startup Group, and mentored by the Group and its associates.
  • Aspirants are allowed to pitch for potential seed funding, Series A, B etc. to our well- established network of Venture Capitalists, Angel investors and other Investment groups.
  • Participants can be assured to have constant guidance throughout their journey as an entrepreneur.

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