• Do you have your killer pitch ready, only to understand that there is a lot more that Investors actually look for?

Every year 1000’s of proposals reach investors for funding, yet only a handful of them make it through. We delve into the intricacies of a pitch and guide the entrepreneur on how to modify his / her proposal in a way… that will make sense and attract the attention of a potential investor.

Our  program is designed to help entrepreneurs pitch their startup to investors and  handhold them throughout their pitch preparation.


Program Modules

Module 1
How pitches work
  • What investors look for in a pitch
  • How they understand and interpret presented data
  • Understand investor needs and motivations
  • How to present data to make a compelling pitch
  • Importance of show, demonstrate versus tell
  • Importance of minimizing assumptions
Module 2
What goes in a pitch          
  • Crafting an introduction
  • Discovery of the opportunity
  • Power of the team
  • What you do for a customer (not what you do)
  • Foundation/Driver of the business opportunity (comeptence)
  • Underlying business model (Product/technology/traction and customer discovery and price discovery)
  • Go-to-market and Customer validation (connect, contrast and convert customers)
  • Why you can beat the market (scalability metrics)
  • Competition and its meaning (moat)
  • Making your capital ask and use incredibly clear (with tasks to achieve milestones with metrics)
Module 3
Practicing the pitch
  • Anticipate and build answers for key questions
  • Be ready to deal with objections and tough questions
  • Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse…

Course Details

  • Classes are held on Sat and Sun each week for 2 weeks. Timings 9:30 a.m to 1:00 p.m.
  • Study Material consists of videos as self-study modules.
  • The program requires participants to allocate at least 1 hour / day for self-study by watching and reflecting on videos during the week
  • Rs 9,500 for course fees (inclusive of GST)
  • Online classes are available. Kindly enroll and avail a free webinar session "Pitch Preparation and Implementation Boot Camp" with Dr Manoj Nakra.

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