• Do you have a passion for teaching the youth of today and the game changers of tomorrow?
  • Can you think on your feet while handling absurd questions as well as intelligent ones?
  • Can you constantly inspire and motivate the young millennials to reach greater heights?

Learning is a lifelong process. And what we have learnt through our journey, we share with you and vice versa. We have learnt to leave our glasses empty and that’s why we welcome change, new ideas and believe anything is possible.

The ZYEAL program believes “ANY ONE CAN BE AN ENTREPRENEUR” and Entrepreneurship is just a mindset and skillset that you acquire. By the end of our program, we are optimistic that our philosophy will be deeply embedded into you, who will in turn spread our motto all around.

So what are you waiting for? Join our program, expand your horizon and reach greater heights!!!

01The Zyeal Curriculam

The ZYEAL curriculum is divided into two phases. Phase 1 or "The Entrepreneurship Mindset" helps students understand what Entrepreneurship is all about and breaks the various myths and fears surrounding the subject. Phase 2 or The Entrepreneurship Journey engages students in the various aspects of a business to help them transition into a successful entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship MindsetEntrepreneurship Journey
Finding the Super YouIdentifying and describing customers of the idea/business
Everyone can become an EntrepreneurDefining the product
Why starting is importantThe value of the product to customers
Critical thinking and problem solvingWhat is a business model
Where ideas come fromValidating idea with customers
Look versus see. Listen versusCreating a Product to test with customers
Idea generationCustomer Validation
Persevering and managing uncertaintyHow will you take the product to customers
Identifying an ideaStartup marketing

Course Details

  • Two Day Workshop, 8 hours per day
  • Rs 3000 for course fees.
  • Classes will be conducted in a suitable location with access to metro and buses nearby.
  • Online Classes are available. Kindly enroll and avail a free webinar session "Teaching Entrepreneurship" with Dr Manoj Nakra.
  • Certification will be awarded to our participants

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