"Knowledge is Knowing a tomato is a Fruit" "Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad"
"Philosophy is wondering if that means ketchup is a smoothie"

Some of India’s recent success stories are MBA turned entrepreneurs. Learn to think like an entrepreneur - for yourself and your company

There is knowledge and then there is wisdom…. There is theory and then there is practice….. The ZYEAL Experiential Entrepreneurship program pits the theory and knowledge you have acquired in your MBA and immerses you into the world of start-ups.

That means you start from scratch. That means departments such as HR, Operations Management, Marketing, IT, Finance, Legal & Compliance simply do not exist. Support systems and processes are unheard of as well. 

Only you and your idea does exist!!!   

The ZYEAL program is designed to make you work your way up the ladder by experiencing each journey in the process. You build relevant and crucial skillsets along the way, that all entrepreneurs require; and what most leaders of today desperately need. You may make mistakes time and again, but with each hindsight, you are one step closer to bringing your dream to reality.

The buck doesn’t stop there. Our Trainers /Mentors with over 30 years of industrial experience are here to guide you on your journey in order to ensure you succeed.

01Complete Journey of Entrepreneurship

We take you through all the aspects required to succeed in the journey of entrepreneurship by covering the following topics

Awareness of one’s environmentNeed identificationOpportunity recognition
Idea generationCreating a product/serviceCustomer testing and feedback
Competition analysisCosts and pricingMarketing and advertising
Conducting feasibility studiesDeveloping business modelsArt of pitching to investors

02Life Skills / Co-Academic Skills

And that’s not it. You will develop this list of formidable skill sets that are required for this journey.

Critical thinkingLateral ThinkingCreativity
TroubleshootingLeadership/Taking ChargeDelegation
Multi-TaskingPrioritizing work loadTeam Building
Effective CommunicationThe Art of convincing 


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Course Details

  • 32-hour program
  • Two sessions per week
  • 2 hours per session
  • Rs 12,000 for the course
  • Classes will be conducted in your campus
  • Online Classes are available. Kindly register and avail a free webinar session "Intro to Entrepreneurship" with Dr Manoj Nakra

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