• Do you have a brilliant idea? Have you done your research, but have no idea how to take it from there?
  • Do you think your prototype definitely solves a problem; there is a market for it, yet realise it is difficult to sell?

If it’s any of the above you have come to the right place. And it is because time and again we have seen common mistakes that most entrepreneurs make.

  • Assume everyone wants your invention and will pay for it. Not enough market survey done
  • Sink a lot of money into the prototype/service, only to realise there is an identical product out there. Not enough market research done.
  • Going wrong with either Pricing, Value Proposition, biased and limited customer feedback etc.
  • Not enough understanding into what goes on in the mind of an investor?

Our program is designed to take you through a step by step guide on how to “Go to Market” with a well-designed prototype or service based on experience and expertise from leading entrepreneurs from around the world.

01Go to Market Strategy

Congrats, you are halfway through your journey to become a successful entrepreneur. Our Go TO Market curriculum will ensure you are prepped to handle other critical aspects of your journey as well.

Customer testing and feedback

Competition analysis

Costs and pricing

Marketing and advertising

Conducting feasibility studies

Developing business models

What investors look for

The Art of Pitching

Building a Team

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Course Details

  • 32-hour program
  • Two sessions (weekends) per week
  • 2 hours per session
  • Rs 12,000 for the course.
  • Classes will be conducted in a suitable location with access to metro and buses nearby
  • Online Classes are available. Kindly register and avail a free webinar session "Go To Market Strategy" with Dr Manoj Nakra.

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